Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Burly Sports is not laughing today...

This is one day that Burly Sports must take a step back and say goodbye to one the most electrifying, young defensive talents of the modern era. R.I.P. Sean Taylor.

There have been a lot of great hard hitting safeties in the league, but none (since Ronnie Lott) have ever jumped out of the gates like Taylor did. He instantly became the best player on the Washington Redskins, and their fearless leader.

In honor of Sean Taylor I would like to send him off on the Burly Sports Blog by showing what I consider his most gruesome hits. Just a side note...this took place in the Pro Bowl.

Our best wishes go out to Sean's friends, fans, and family...
Memorials have been posted all over the web. Today is a day to remember this young talent's career and life.

Sean Taylor, 1983-2007 (Mr. Irrelevant)
R.I.P. Sean Taylor (With Leather)