Monday, October 29, 2007

Trinity football sets record with 86 laterals

I'm gonna put it out there and predict that this wins the ESPY for "Best Play of the Year!" Simply amazing!

Mind of a Red Sox Fan

Twice in a lifetime the Sox broke Bambino's curse (does that mean that he is laying right-side up in his grave now that he has turned twice?).

I found these cool Red Sox coasters that need a little updating.

word. congrats you unshaven bastards.

Buck to the Future: Joe Bucks Greatest Hits

It's safe to take off the ear muffs...the World Series is over. And thankfully it ended so quickly because we won't need to hear Joe Buck for another year! However in case you are a fan of Joe Buck and his classic "Jub-Jub" calls, I figured that you might also like to see Joe Buck's greatest calls throughout history. This hilarious piece was created by the awesomely talented Old Rich People!